Rules and Regulations

Simple Rules to follow as our guest (non-members).

Welcome to our flying site.

We are a very unique club in that we are on an Air Force Installation and our flying site is leased to us at no cost. Therefore, we are subject to a few more requirements and regulations than most flying clubs, which we must comply with. If you fail to follow the rules, you could be jeopardizing the club’s lease.

One major concern is trash. Numerous trash cans are provided for your use, please use them.  Additionally, if you smoke, do not throw the butts on the ground. There is a receptacle provided for proper disposal. Let’s keep the area clean as, per our lease; we are subject to no notice inspections by Air Force Personnel.

  1. We follow AMA’s General Flight Safety Rules. As an AMA member we expect you to know them. If you do not, then a copy of the rules are posted on the north, outside, wall of the clubhouse for your review. Read them and if you have questions ask and member.
  2. You must be a current AMA member, which means you must have in your possession an AMA membership card for the current flying year to fly at our field. This is not negotiable and is a clause in our lease. The only exception is if you are new to the sport and are flying under AMAs student / instructor program with one of the four club designated instructors.
  3. You must post your AMA card on the frequency board, located near the center of the staging / pit area facing away from the flight line, over the 72 MHZ channel or 53 MHZ frequency you are going to fly on. If you are flying on 2.4 GHZ, then you must post your card in the area designated for 2.4 GHZ.
  4. Do not turn your transmitter on unless your AMA card is posted on the frequency board. If you do and you do not have your AMA card on that channel or frequency, then you are subject to reimbursement should your actions cause a crash.
  5. There are four designated flight line access stations / pads. Under normal conditions no more than 4 powered A/C will be in the air at the same time. On special occasions this rule can be waived by a contest director.
  6. All powered A/C, fixed and rotary wing, flying is to be done on the east side of the runway, unless landing or attempting touch and goes. Do not fly low passes over the runway when there are other A/C flying.
  7. The open areas west of the runway, on the north and south ends of the field, are designated for small electrics and helicopter (rotary wing) flying. Helicopter flying can also be done on the east side of the runway with fixed wing powered A/C but they must follow the same rules as the fixed wing A/C.
  8. Our runway runs pretty much north / south. When flying fixed wing powered A/C, always attempt to take off into the wind, depending on which direction it is blowing. We are blessed with predominantly prevailing winds out of the north or south; however, we do sometimes get cross winds which can be tricky, especially when gusting.
  9. Fixed wing powered A/C will “NOT” be started facing the spectator / parking / seating area unless they are mechanically restrained. If you are using the tables the club has several PVC restraining devices for your use. They are located under the open area of the clubhouse.

10.  Do not taxi in the pit area. Carry your A/C to the flight line entrance station / pad.

11.  When there are other A/C in the air and you are ready to take off, before taxing beyond the fence, always yell out in a loud voice, “Taking OFF”. This will let the other pilots know what you are doing and give them a chance to clear the area.

12.  When more than one A/C is in the air a right / left racetrack pattern must be established, dependant on wind direction.

13.  When more than one A/C are in the air there will be no 3D flying between the fence and approximately 30 feet from the east edge of the runway.

14.  When landing and there are other A/C in the air, always yell out, “LANDING”. Additionally, before you attempt to land make sure no one is on the field retrieving an A/C.

15.  Non-powered A/C have the right of way. If a non-powered A/C is landing give it space. If you hear “Dead Stick”, attempt to clear the area and let the A/C land.

16.  After landing and you are still under power, you can taxi up to the flight line access station / pad, but “DO NOT TAXI” past the small safety fence. Kill your engine and carry the A/C the rest of the way to the pit area.

We hope you have an enjoyable time visiting our field. If you should have questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our members. We want you to be safe and remember there a no dumb questions. However, we cannot always say that about the answers……


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